Argentinian 1Kilo Sirloin Roast Dinner


Using our incredible beef suppliers, collect a simple to reheat Sunday Roast as good as you would have in the restaurant with all the trimmings

  • 1 Kg Argentinian Sirloin Beef
  • 4 Roast Heritage Carrots
  • 8 Roast Potatoes
  • 2 Yorkshire Puds
  • 300g Cauliflower Cheese
  • 200g Cabbage with Pommery Mustard Gravy Seasoning.

We realise it’s not as easy or viable to eat out for your Sunday Dinner as it used to be; so Aktar has devised a way to have the full restaurant experience from home with this simple to heat roast dinner that received such rave reviews during the lockdown period. Enough for 2 people, Pulperia uses the best beef suppliers in the country to source incredible cuts that simply cannot be found anywhere else!

Dietary Notes: Dairy, Gluten, Mustard, Nuts.

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