After a decade-long love affair with Argentinian food and culture, michelin-starred chef Aktar Islam (The F-Word, Great British Menu) brings you Pulperia.

Pulperia offers an authentic Argentinian menu that changes with the seasons. The finest Argentine steaks, alongside rare cuts of beef from around the world and our ‘parilla’ are the counterpoints of the menu, with everything prepared freshly on the day, seafood treated with love and care, and meat cooked on our unique Argentinian v-shaped, charcoal and wood-fired grill.

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Pulperia’s philosophy is simple: Provide an eating experience for guests that pushes the boundaries of Argentinian cuisine with our unique style. Our team care deeply about seasonal cooking, and we know that quality and sustainability go hand in hand. We treat our amazing produce with respect, because we know where that produce comes from. Our restaurant team cares about food in the same way that our producers do, and we believe that by doing things correctly from farm to plate, we create an unparalleled Argentinian dining experience.


Aktar promises the best grass-fed beef from Argentina and the finest from around the world, including using purebreeds such as Herefordshire, Angus, Fresian, Belted Galloway and 17 year old Galician Blonde. Using beef from cows aged from anywhere between  two and eighteen years with our cuts dry aged for at least 30 days and with some up to ninety days.

The Pulperia menu represents serious regional Argentinian cooking but with a simple, laid-back approach. From regional classics such empanada and traditional beef of the most exquisite quality to the bold rubs and chimichurri that inspired Aktar during his extensive travels. This is food that brings people together.

Sirloin Packing a protein punch, this cut contains very little fat, making it lean and juicy.
Ancho (Ribeye) Marbled with fat throughout, this classic cut brings out the richest, beefiest taste.
Ojo de Bife (Chuck) Lean and juicy, with a distinct meaty taste.
Lomo (Fillet) A cut above the rest. Tender, juicy and melt in your mouth flavour.
Asado de Tira (Crosscut of Rib) Studded with bone, this cut is caramelised on the outside and tender on the inside.

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